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Canal Pedal Boats, Utrecht Canal Pedal Boat, Utrecht

You can even pedal over the water in Utrecht! Since 1991, pedal boats have been the most fun canal attraction in the city. It is also enjoyable to hire a pedal boat with the children and take in the atmosphere on the Utrecht canals in this way.

The little terraces on the quay, the intriguing consoles and the beautiful canal buildings invite you to go on a lovely pedal boat tour. If there happens to be a rain shower, we will put a hood on the pedal boat.


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The cathedral city of Utrecht is a wonderful city to go Canal Biking! The quayside cafés, the intriquing consoles and the beautiful canal houses all invite you to spend some time exploring the canals.In case of rain we provide free rain shields. The Pedal Boat mooring is located on Oudegracht, opposite the Town hall and the Winkel van Sinkel.

In April, May, June, September and October from Wednesday until Sunday 10h00-18h00. In July and August daily 10h00-18h00. For more information, please call Pedal Boat Utrecht: +31 (0)20 217 0501.