How's the Weather in Amsterdam?

How's the Weather in Amsterdam?

If you're going to visit Amsterdam, checking the weather forecast is one of the things you're most likely to do several times. Silently you're hoping it's going to turn the weather in Amsterdam into something sunny and bright at the moment you arrive.

Bring your rain coats!

Yes, it does rain in Amsterdam. Sometimes quite a lot. The weather in Amsterdam is officially called “temperate maritime”. Makes you wonder what they mean with the ‘temperate’ part exactly.

But as soon as the sun does come out, you’ll be amazed: in the blink of an eye the locals adjust to the changes in the weather. In Amsterdam, sunny days bring about an atmosphere of liveliness you would expect in a subtropical climate. The terraces are suddenly full and the popular squares (like the Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein) are brimming with people. In the canals, the Pedal Boats start to appear. Groups of people on Open Boat Tours are obviously having a great time on the water, often waving at the people on the terraces along the canals.

Rainy day activities

Since the weather in Amsterdam has been like this for quite some time, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself indoors: in a conventional museum (like the famous Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum), or the Heineken Experience. In the numerous restaurants, all kitchens of the world are represented. 

But the best Amsterdam has to offer, is – of course – the Amsterdam canals. These waterways are laid across the old city center in a well-arranged pattern (originally for economic reasons). This is also the key to the best way of sightseeing during a visit to Amsterdam: viewed from the canals you get to know Amsterdam in the best possible way, sitting in a comfortable seat and listening to the history of everything you see. You can buy cheap tickets to lots of different canal cruises… in a roofed canal boat (in case you were wondering).