For all Lovers of Light and Art!

Amsterdam Light Festival

Enjoy the beauty of light during Amsterdam Light Festival and let the city brighten up your days. For all lovers of art and light.


As it’s getting colder again, we still dream about those sunny and warm days in summer. Now it’s perfect for staying inside and snuggling up on the couch. Or… Light up your winter with an amazing experience at Amsterdam Light Festival! In the darkest months Amsterdam is illuminated by breathtaking artworks of light. The typical canals, houses and bridges can be seen in this special setting during the festival. This illuminated spectacle will put the whole city under a cozy and romantic spell.

Light up your winter

The best way to soak up the illuminated scenes is definitely from the water. Where the beautiful lights will be magnified by the waters reflection. Float through Amsterdam while gazing at the illuminated artworks at your left and right. The Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise will allow you to gaze at the sights from up close. A sight you don’t want to miss out on.

Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise

The Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise takes you past, under and even through numerous breath-taking works of art. An unforgettable experience for all ages! All tickets are booked for a specific departure, so no more waiting in line! Just buy your ticket online for a date and time of your choosing and you’re guaranteed of a spot.

Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise - Open Boat

Want to look at all the artworks from up close? Opt for the Amsterdam Light Festival Open Boat! This cruise allows you to almost touch the works of art as you sail through Amsterdam Light Festival. This Open Boat cruise also gives you a unique opportunity to take the very best pictures. No need to be afraid to get cold, we provide blankets to keep you warm during the cruise. On top of this, the captain will be your live guide, telling you all about Amsterdam and the works of art.

Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise & LOOKOUT

With a Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise & LOOKOUT ticket you combine the beautiful Amsterdam Light Festival cruise twith a visit to A'DAM LOOKOUT. Your evening starts at LOOKOUT where you can admire Amsterdam from a dazzling height. After enjoying the spectacular views, we pick you up by boat in front of the A'DAM Tower for a mesmerizing 85 minute cruise.

Canal Tours Amsterdam founding partner

Canal Tours Amsterdam - a brand of Stromma Netherlands - is founding partner of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Amsterdam is best seen from the water, and this is certainly the case during the Amsterdam Light Festival. The spectacular light art is even more enchanting from the water! Amsterdam Canal Tours has been closely involved with the festival since its first edition in 2011 / 2012. In recent years, the festival has grown into an outstanding event that lasts nearly two months.

Festival dates

You can experience the 7th edition of Amsterdam Light Festival from November 29th to January 20th. So get off your couch, save the date and order your tickets!

During the festival, our Dinner CruiseCocktail Cruise and Dutch Cheese and Wine Cruise also sail through the festival area.