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Drinks on board

Enjoy a snack and a drink during a cruise along the world-famous waters of Amsterdam.

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Indonesian Ramah Tamah

This ‘Ramah Tamah’ is the only authentic Indonesian rice table served on board a stylishly decorated ship, during a cruise through Amsterdam.

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Chef's dinner

Canal serves you and your guests with a delicious four-course or five-course dinner on board one of its charming saloon steamers.

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Pedal Boat Company Rally

A treasure hunt by canal bike, for which you yourself supply the questions. Ideal for a teambuilding event or to celebrate a special occasion.

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Bun in a boat

The lunch package Lunch on board consists of a cruise, sandwiches with delicious fillings, a pasta salad and an Italian filo pastry parcel with Feta cheese.

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Walking dinner on a classic saloon boat

During the walking Dinner you’ll enjoy a food tasting session and delightful views from a classic saloon boat.

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